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Take Control of Your Health

“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” -Tenth edition.


Over 150,000 copies sold worldwide

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Take Control of Your Health

Over 150,000 copies sold worldwide

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At last… a No-Holds-Barred Book that Exposes the Lies the Food Industry and Drug Manufacturing Giants Have Been Telling Us For Years and What You Can Do To Lead
An Improved and Healthier Life!

For those of you still curious about the array of subjects I cover simply click on the link below and you will be forwarded to a page containing the books contents.

Millions of people are suffering needlessly as a direct result of the food industry and the drug manufacturers’ unconscionable zeal to earn hundreds of billions of dollars, aided and abetted by scientists who have been paid handsomely to fudge, even falsify, test results.

Contains Over 350 pages, 27 Chapters and more…


 Allow Me To Share Conclusions Based Upon Sound Science

In my campaign and research I have been joined by independent and caring physicians, biochemists, scientists, individuals and organizations who have helped expose the extent of fraud and dishonesty, not only amongst their peers, but at the highest levels of government.

I can promise you that not one of these people is in the employ of multinational corporations. They are dedicated men and women whose conclusions are based upon sound science, not upon the propaganda, the power and the coercion of the legal drug industry.

Because they are free to speak their minds, they are the only scientists I trust.

Their opinions rarely find their way into the establishment media which is, like much of the world, under multi-national domination.

My thanks go to enlightened pioneers such as Raymond Peat, MA, PhD, endocrine physiologist and prolific author; the late John R. Lee, MD, whose work on progesterone has helped millions of women, clinical nutritionist Krispin Sullivan, and Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield, a British physician who truly exemplifies the patient-friendly, common sense principles of Hippocrates.

Also to the courageous work of Valerie and Richard James in New Zealand for exposing the disgraceful market in soy products, deserves worldwide recognition.

Without the extensive research and generous help given by these and many other caring health professionals who took the time to talk with me, this book could not have been written.

There is more to this book…

“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” reveals damning evidence of the lengths to which corporations and governments will go in order to maintain high levels of profitability, regardless of their often catastrophic effects on the health of those they claim to serve. But there is more to this book than attacks on big business and the medical and health industries.

Throughout its pages you will discover well-researched and proven alternatives to expensive medication and surgical procedures, as well as learning about commonly held “beliefs” and even maladies which are nothing more than the inventions of marketing experts to help sell more products.

…the greatest weapon in improving your health…

“Elaine teaches self-responsibility – the greatest weapon in improving your health. If everyone followed her advice, the country’s medical waiting rooms and hospitals would soon be empty.” Dr Karen Coates, MBBS Dip. Obs. RACOG, MACNEM

...valuable reference tool...

I think everyone should read this book -- it was an inspiration to me and has now become a valuable reference tool for my own personal health regime. Margaret May, Federal Member of Parliament, Canberra, Australia


Elaine attacks the pharmaceutical multinationals and their medical co-conspirators. She warns about the life-threatening effects of artificial sweeteners.

She explains exactly why soy is not fit to eat. She informas men about widely advertised foods that lead straight to impotence and prostate disease.

She gives everyone a blueprint for overcoming all illnesses naturally, and living a long, healthy life.


Michael Curry B.A. DIP.ED.DIP.ACU.BR7
Accredited AACMA
Tweed Essential Therapies
Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia

...blueprint for getting well and staying well.

Elaine Hollingsworth has done a most impressive piece of research in her book, "Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry". This book, which we recommend to all of our patients, is a blueprint for getting well and staying well. The depth of information on the dangers of all soy products is particularly important and should give pause to the many health professionals who recommend it. Aidan Pargeter, NZSNTR O.A. N.D. A. YINSB.H.Cc. H.B.T, DIP.N.Sc, Rotorua, New Zealand

...integrity of her research is impressive.

Elaine Hollingsworth's tenacious approach and the integrity of her research is impressive. As a woman, I certainly want her on my team. Patricia Lassalle, London, England

...I no longer could face telling people lies.

The book confirmed my own knowledge and experiences. I was a general medical practitioner for 18 years but I have given it up because I no longer could face telling people lies. Patrick Quanten MD, Independent Health Adviser, Alderney, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

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